What is WebsitesByRobert?

This is a website I created to let people know that I want to help them put their business on the web.

Who is Robert?

I am.  It’s just me, not a team, panel, or group.

Why should I let you build my website?

Well, I can give you a lot of personal attention.  I don’t use a lot of jargon.  I am not very expensive.  I really enjoy helping small businesses that thought they were too small to be on the web realize that it is not scary or out of their reach.

How expensive is not very expensive?

That depends on what you are looking for in a website.  Contact me through the contact form and we can talk about it. I bet it will cost you less than you think.

Will I need to anything more than your services?

Yes, you will need a hosting account and a domain name. These typically cost < $100 per year for most people's needs. I can direct you on how to get these if you like. Is this your full-time job?

No, it’s not.  This is my hobby/passion/obsession.  If you only want to work with a professional and can afford it, please go for it.  I won’t be offended.  Really. But do something.  If your business is not on the web, you are missing out.  People are finding your competitors instead of finding you and you don’t want that.  Do you?