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Attack of the Mildly Annoying Robots

Sometimes you need to be a user to really feel their pain.  This site is a WordPress site.  I figured with my security and spam comment plug-ins, I was safe and sound.  Then I started getting all of these e-mails about new user registration.  Exciting, right?  No.  These all had reasonable user names but the […]

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The Strongest LINK

I was reading a free e-book “How-to: Optimize Your Website Speed” by Artmov and came across a piece of advice that I found interesting.  The @ symbol has gained a lot of popularity in CSS recently given its usefulness in media queries for responsive design (@media).   Artmov suggests that the LINK tag should be used for loading […]

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Stop Using Images That You Find On The Web

I have been sharing with people not to use images you find on the web for your website or e-mail (once I learned that myself).  Images are property and they belong to someone.  If you use them without the owner’s permission, you are going to get into trouble.  Well, I recently bumped into someone who […]

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