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Making It Work

We used to live in an apartment with one bathroom for the four of us.  The toilet had one of those floating ball things on a coat hanger to tell it when it was full.  I am not very handy.  We had paid the super three times to come and fix it and still it ran all […]

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My Sequel – MySQL

MySQL is a relational database management system.   You can use it to store and retrieve information.  This information could be your inventory for your store, usernames/passwords for your site, or even your site itself.  Your database can have several tables and each table can have rows of data.  You need to set up the structure […]

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Poster Post

My wife is a musician and I often find myself learning new stuff in an effort to support her career.  She recently had a concert and was asked for a poster for the event, if she had one.  So, I had a new project.  I needed to create a poster.  I had already splurged for […]

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