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Knowledge of Font – Part 2

Why not use an image?  If you put the text into an image and make the image background the same as your site background, you can use any font on your system and not have to worry whether the user has it on their system or not.  There are several reasons why this is usually […]

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Knowledge of Font – Part 1

A font refers to the typeface that is used to display text.  For CSS, there are 5 major groupings of these: serif (letters have brackets on their ends), sans-serif (no brackets), monospace (each letter takes up the same amount of space, programming code is often displayed this way), script (like cursive handwriting), and fantasy (usually […]

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Alert The Media

Responsive web design is quite popular now.  It is nice for your users to have your site optimized for their device.  This user satisfaction can pay off in terms of sales or conversions (registrations, newsletter sign-ups, etc).  The key to this process is the media query.  Using CSS, you can present your site differently to […]

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