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Messing with the DOM

Now you probably shouldn’t mess with the DON, but it’s okay to mess with the DOM (Document Object Model).  That probably wasn’t very funny but I do like to lead with a joke.  The DOM is a representation of your site.  Each part represents a node and the node tree can be traversed up or […]

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Use CSS to Code with Style

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are great. CSS is a file which you can link to in the head of your document. Although styles can be applied inline within your HTML using the <style></style> tag, it is better form to link to an external style sheet. This can be done using the <link> tag eg. […]

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SEO – my! Part 2

For full disclosure, this is a do as I say rather than a do as I do. Find a keyword tool.  There are many, just Google.  Using terms from your website’s particular niche search for a keyword (which will probably actually be several words, going forward the term keyword will be used to represent a […]

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