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Photos for Your Website

The web is a visual place. You are going to need photos, drawings, icons, infographics – something to catch the reader’s eye. It would be nice to be able to go to someone’s else website or to Google images and just right-click/save as someone else’s images but this is someone else’s property. You do not want […]

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Web Hosting

After choosing a domain name, the next step is to choose a web host.  Your website lives on a server somewhere and is served to visitors going to your url.  Some web hosts will include a domain name with their hosting plans and there is some convenience in having all of your website  related stuff […]

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Choosing a Domain Name

One of the first things that you need to do when you are starting a website is to choose a domain name. It is really important and hard to change later. Take some time to really think about it. The name needs to be available. Everyone who can register a domain name for you will […]

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Council Of Evil Tables

When I started learning web design, the process was moving away from table based designs (though I doubt any were actually in The Council of Evil Tables). HTML tables could have a picture as a background image with text written into the cells. Since designs were often created with photoshop, it was quite easy to […]

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Graphics Programs

The internet is a very visual place. Images are critical to creating a website. Even if you do not consider yourself a full-blown photographer or graphic designer, you will still need basic skills to make it work. You will need to crop, rotate, and resize. Before you know it, you will be touching up and […]

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