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Relationships Can Be Tough

Relationships can be tough but, if you think them through, they may not be as complicated as you thought.  I’m talking about database relationships, of course.  If your site is using databases, you want to plan before you start coding.  You want to keep thing that are related together, if possible, and things that are […]

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Proud of My Back End

I am proud of my back-end and you should be too. And I do mean the back-end of your websites in case there was any question. The front-end of a website is what a surfer of the internet sees. The back-end is for the owner/site manager to make changes. I realized early on that I […]

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Udemy is a site with video tutorials on a variety of subjects.  Although the quality and price does vary by author, I found these courses helpful and enjoyable.  Free courses by new authors or authors hoping that you will follow-up with paid courses are not unusual.  Infinite Skills provides 90+ courses with many about web programming and is currently […]

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