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Paint By Numbers Website

I made a house painting website for my friend who owns his own business. Initially, I was going to do something original but then I saw a template that I really liked. It combined two recent trends that I do like – large photo backgrounds and one page responsive sites. It was a free template […]

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Amazing Audio Player

I needed an HTML audio player and tried the Amazing Audio Player by Magic Hills Pty Ltd .  You install the application on your desktop.  It then leads you through the player creation process.  You add audios to the player, choose from an array of skins (Bar, BarTitle, BarWhite, BarWhiteTitle, Button24, Button48, ButtonBlue, DarkBox, JukeBox, LightBox, […]

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Incompatibility and the Modern Browser

I spent a lot of time trying to get HTML5 audio to work but just could not get it functioning in internet explorer (IE). I googled. I changed the code around. I added file types. I googled again. Eventually, I discovered that my code did work on internet explorer, just not on my computer. This […]

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Knowledge of Font – Part 2

Why not use an image?  If you put the text into an image and make the image background the same as your site background, you can use any font on your system and not have to worry whether the user has it on their system or not.  There are several reasons why this is usually […]

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Messing with the DOM

Now you probably shouldn’t mess with the DON, but it’s okay to mess with the DOM (Document Object Model).  That probably wasn’t very funny but I do like to lead with a joke.  The DOM is a representation of your site.  Each part represents a node and the node tree can be traversed up or […]

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Use CSS to Code with Style

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are great. CSS is a file which you can link to in the head of your document. Although styles can be applied inline within your HTML using the <style></style> tag, it is better form to link to an external style sheet. This can be done using the <link> tag eg. […]

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The favicon is an image that can be used to represent your site. At 16 x 16 pixels, you need to be creative in a very small space. It may be displayed next to your site’s name in a favorite list. It is a nice little extra to have. It can be added in the […]

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Council Of Evil Tables

When I started learning web design, the process was moving away from table based designs (though I doubt any were actually in The Council of Evil Tables). HTML tables could have a picture as a background image with text written into the cells. Since designs were often created with photoshop, it was quite easy to […]

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Web 2.0

This was my first website in about 2006 on left.  I was able to find it using the Wayback Machine which lets you see what sites used to look like.  It was based on a free website template which I found on the web.  I was a table-based layout which I converted to CSS (more on […]

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HTML is the basic language of the web.  It is considered relatively easy to learn because it is generally human readable and understandable.  I started learning html from web tutorials at  Typical html tags include paragraph <p></p>, heading <h1></h1>, anchor(link) <a></a>,  image <img />, etc.  HTML is currently intended for providing information.  Other languages are […]

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