Ask the Gurus

Alex Nordeen from reached out to me.  He has put together a bunch of great free online tutorials.  He has PHP tutorials which were created by a Rackspace veteran and edited by him personally.  There are also tutorials about other web stuff such as Java, SQL, VBScript, Python, Perl, Linux, JavaScript, and Apache.  Tutorials […]

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What’s on the menu?

I recently helped two people makeover their WordPress websites. Both were excellent professionals in their respective careers but had no web design experience. Although I was able to help them both in multiple ways, the most effective way that I helped them was to reduce the number of items in their menu. Why are an […]

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Paint By Numbers Website

I made a house painting website for my friend who owns his own business. Initially, I was going to do something original but then I saw a template that I really liked. It combined two recent trends that I do like – large photo backgrounds and one page responsive sites. It was a free template […]

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Amazing Audio Player

I needed an HTML audio player and tried the Amazing Audio Player by Magic Hills Pty Ltd .  You install the application on your desktop.  It then leads you through the player creation process.  You add audios to the player, choose from an array of skins (Bar, BarTitle, BarWhite, BarWhiteTitle, Button24, Button48, ButtonBlue, DarkBox, JukeBox, LightBox, […]

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Incompatibility and the Modern Browser

I spent a lot of time trying to get HTML5 audio to work but just could not get it functioning in internet explorer (IE). I googled. I changed the code around. I added file types. I googled again. Eventually, I discovered that my code did work on internet explorer, just not on my computer. This […]

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Blog Poster

Thanks to Creative Beacon I found some cool free music poster images designed by Freepik. I used photoshop to modify this one from an electric to an acoustic guitar to suit, my wife, Sue Horowitz‘s music. There are a lot of free resources out there. Thanks to all of the people who make their work […]

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Photoshop Tutorials

I like doing all types of tutorials. Photoshop tutorials are particularly fun because, if they work out, you get a dandy image when you’re done. Copyright free too. Sitepoint has two that I particularly enjoyed: a wallet and a cassette tape. Enjoy these and if you have some tutorials to recommend, let me know.

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Relationships Can Be Tough

Relationships can be tough but, if you think them through, they may not be as complicated as you thought.  I’m talking about database relationships, of course.  If your site is using databases, you want to plan before you start coding.  You want to keep thing that are related together, if possible, and things that are […]

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Attack of the Mildly Annoying Robots

Sometimes you need to be a user to really feel their pain.  This site is a WordPress site.  I figured with my security and spam comment plug-ins, I was safe and sound.  Then I started getting all of these e-mails about new user registration.  Exciting, right?  No.  These all had reasonable user names but the […]

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The Strongest LINK

I was reading a free e-book “How-to: Optimize Your Website Speed” by Artmov and came across a piece of advice that I found interesting.  The @ symbol has gained a lot of popularity in CSS recently given its usefulness in media queries for responsive design (@media).   Artmov suggests that the LINK tag should be used for loading […]

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