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Amazing Audio PlayerI needed an HTML audio player and tried the Amazing Audio Player by Magic Hills Pty Ltd .  You install the application on your desktop.  It then leads you through the player creation process.  You add audios to the player, choose from an array of skins (Bar, BarTitle, BarWhite, BarWhiteTitle, Button24, Button48, ButtonBlue, DarkBox, JukeBox, LightBox, and MusicBox), and publish to HTML (upload files and modify HTML).  I used the free version.  I noted that the multiple song skins limit the number of songs in the free version.  According to the author’s website, tiered paid registration will allow removal of the watermark, use of the desktop app on multiple computers, support and free upgrades, and rights to redistribution.  You can see it in action at

I liked using the desktop app to set everything up, the choice of skins, and the clear instructions for uploading the files and adding the code to your page.  My one complaint was that an additional CSS file and script is generated for each player on the page.  I was using multiple players with the same skin on a page so I modified the CSS and jQuery to reduce the number of files needed and improve efficiency.  Overall, I found the Amazing Audio Player easy and fun.  Thanks for making it available.

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