Hello World!

Hi, this my first post on this blog.  Anyone who has taken a computer programming course will be familiar with the phrase “Hello World!”.   The task of outputting this phrase to a device such as a monitor is commonly used as a first assignment.  I think this is a great first task.  It is relatively simple, provides immediate positive feedback, and a sense of accomplishment.

I have created several websites but this is my first blog.  Hence, I felt “Hello World!” would be appropriate for my first post.  I am not a programmer by trade but I enjoy it immensely.  My passion for it has definitely passed pastime, hobby, and moved right on through to obsession.  I would like to build more but I have already pestered all my colleagues, friends, and acquaintances.  I built this site to see if I could reach out and help some people who want a website but don’t have one to get one.   Build one yourself or let me help you.

About Robert

Robert is a novice web site developer. A lack of professional training has not prevented him from creating some very nice websites for small businesses who would otherwise have gone without a web presence.
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