Caffeine and Cursive – What could be bad?


JavaScript, not to be confused with Java, is a scripting language which operates on the client side and is supported by all of the major browsers. It works on the client side so it is not secure but it is fast and fun. HTML and CSS are not particularly interactive by today’s standards. All you really have is hover and click (CSS3 transitions will let you animate but I’m going to ignore that for now). JavaScript is fast, allows you to have cool (and sometimes annoying) special effects, and allows you to manipulate the DOM (Document Object Model). It can also be used in conjunction with HTML5 for canvas which can allow you to draw on the fly and with PHP for AJAX which allows page updates with refreshing the page. There are also JavaScript libraries like jQuery that allow complex functions with minimal code and can help with cross-browser compatibility. Overall, JavaScript makes the web more fun.

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Robert is a novice web site developer. A lack of professional training has not prevented him from creating some very nice websites for small businesses who would otherwise have gone without a web presence.


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