Proud of My Back End

peacockI am proud of my back-end and you should be too. And I do mean the back-end of your websites in case there was any question. The front-end of a website is what a surfer of the internet sees. The back-end is for the owner/site manager to make changes.

I realized early on that I wanted the owners of the websites that I built to be able to modify them rather than rely on me for every little thing that needs changing in perpetuity. Initially, I tried explaining simple modification of the HTML after making a back-up. Eventually, I realized that people who do not love programming generally do not want to do this. After thinking about this for a while, I agreed. Even with a back-up, there is risk in having people making changes to things that they do not understand.

I found that I could determine which parts of the site were likely to change regularly such as store hours, menu items, prices, etc. Once I determined which items were frequently changing, I could build a simple MySQL database to hold these items and a secure page in PHP for the owner to change them. The HTML was then modified to put placeholders which could be replaced with the items from the database. In retrospect, I created a very, very simple customized CMS for them. I found this new system made the owners very happy as they need not fear destroying their website but yet felt empowered to make changes as needed without troubling me.

Your back-end need not be beautiful as it will not be seen by the public but it must be functional. If your back-end is functional, then be like me and be proud of your back-end.

About Robert

Robert is a novice web site developer. A lack of professional training has not prevented him from creating some very nice websites for small businesses who would otherwise have gone without a web presence.


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