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The internet is a very visual place. Images are critical to creating a website. Even if you do not consider yourself a full-blown photographer or graphic designer, you will still need basic skills to make it work. You will need to crop, rotate, and resize. Before you know it, you will be touching up and removing unwanted backgrounds. You will be shocked and amazed that after a very short time, you will be creating visual content.

Most people agree that Adobe Photoshop is the all around best graphics editor. It is an investment of several hundred dollars. They do offer a free trial so you can check it out before you buy. I currently own it and enjoy it very much. I have found a number of fun and educational tutorial projects on DesignFestival.

Starting out, I was not prepared to make such an investment. Two free programs that I found helpful are and GIMP. Both have active communities supporting them. is simpler reminiscent of MSPaint. GIMP is in many ways similar to Photoshop. GIMP is more complicated but also more robust. Either one will let you get the job done until you are ready to take the plunge and purchase photoshop.

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